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Thursday 12 November 2015


Cycling was very good today, perfect weather for it.

We have new neighbours, about the fifth lot since I’ve been there. MD will need to keep the noise down if there aren’t going to quickly be a sixth.

In order to strengthen my dodgy calves I have taken to walking everywhere on tiptoe, that is when I remember and when it’s not too embarrassing walking up to the sandwich shop like that.

I receive an email about the Hull Marathon which can be ran as a two person relay. I wonder if L would be up for that.

Cycling is even better on the way home as I get involved a good natured race. Well, largely good natured. Unfortunately this means I haven’t got a lot of energy left for squash this evening, not that I would expect that to make much difference. In the end I do win a game, so perhaps it helped. 

(Thursday 12th November)

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