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Saturday 7 November 2015

Jump Start Required

This morning we get up early and I manage to collar some poor camper still with sleep in his eyes to jump start our car. Once up and running we head to Keswick for the Parkrun. As we pass back into mobile reception it is confirmed that Derby lost 1-0 last night.

At the Parkrun they are also running a GoTri event which is Duathlon incorporating the 5km parkrun, a 13km road cycle ride and a 1km run around nearby Fitz Park.

I did offer to pack L’s bike but she declined, so it’s just the run she’s doing. There’s one other complication, it’s tipping it down. The start is at the former railway station which is now part of a hotel but the platform works well as cover from the rain for us hardy spectators. Who aren’t quite hardy enough to brave the rain.

Afterwards we go for a Full English in Keswick and then take in the Keswick Museum where there is a display on Wainwright.

Then it’s back to the tent for a shower and some chilling in the tent in the rain.

Later, we head down to the Sticklebarn for food and drink. The place is now National Trust owned which I think is a bit like being run by the local council. Consequently it stops serving food at 8pm and closes completely at 9pm despite being over half full. Everyone decamps back to their accommodation or to the other pubs. We head into the New Dungeon Ghyll next door for a night cap.

(Saturday 7th November)

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