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Sunday 1 November 2015

Making A Show Of It

L runs Shepshed 7 this morning via the Skylink bus which is packed with fellow runners heading for the race and assorted ghouls presumably on their way home from a long night haunting the bars.

I’m not jealous, much. The race involves two laps of non-tarmac and all for a long sleeved t-shirt in red. Ugh. Refuelling with charity chocolate cake afterwards probably made up for some that. L does like to do her bit for charity.

I’m in Onley at a poshed up equestrian centre somewhere near Rugby. They’ve certainly done a few extensions and improvements since I was last here.

I don’t know what it’s like in Shepshed but it’s a glorious summer day here near Rugby. We left the dense morning fog behind in Nottingham and it had completely cleared by the time we reached Kegworth, so perhaps its ok in Shepshed too. The fog will still be there waiting for me when we return later, barely having shifted all day.

We arrive, walk a few courses, but then have an hour or more to kill before we compete. When he does compete, he has a pole down in jumping but goes clear on both agility courses. So he got his contact points, hurrah, although we were not quick enough to come anywhere in either. He actually seems to be making a bit show of getting his contacts. The smart a***.

He again has a pole down in his second jumping course then messes up his weaves in the agility but his contacts are again good. Then to finish a clear in the Steeplechase but unplaced, so no rosettes today. I think he’s missing L and Doggo’s invaluable support.

Home to a hot bath and then the pub. We head for a night in the Peacock on the OP.

(Sunday 1st November)

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