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Thursday 19 May 2016

An Interesting Development

The dog alarm oversleeps a touch and L refuses to be nudged awake in a timely fashion, so it ends up having to be a really fast bike into work this morning but I was nicely hyped up for it, so can’t complain.

L is totally re-thinking her fitness because of her ankle, which isn’t improving. She’s even considering giving up walking, which is an interesting development as I know she doesn’t mean driving everywhere. There’s always the unspoken 'B' word. 

I buy tickets for the opening night of World Athletics Championship next year in the Olympic Stadium. Any excuse for a wild weekend in The Smoke. It includes the Men’s 10k final which may or may not have Mo Farah in it as he could have moved up to marathons by then. I prefer the long stuff rather than the short and fast stuff. Although we get that as well, as the Men’s 100m qualifying is on the same session.

The ride home is a tad damp. No squash tonight. 

(Thursday 19th May)

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