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Thursday 5 May 2016

Apologies In Early

L is very amorous this morning and clearly getting her apologies in early for deserting me this Friday.

There are now photos up on Facebook that seem to imply that Son did indeed make it to Japan. Either that or someone is very good with Photoshop.

The oddity of it being a Bank Holiday week is that I end up doing the shopping on a Thursday rather than a Monday. The calf is not bad, at least I made it round Sainsburys ok, but I'm not sure it’s up to a half marathon. Squash tonight will give it a good test.

My opponent would of course have cried off at even a sniff of a minor injury such is his worry that he might lose a match. This is why he isn’t as fit as he should be. I’d exercise through most things.

I lose 3-2 which I always think is almost as good as win. Sadly there are no dark ales on at the Navigation afterwards other than a so called 'craft' ale which I refuse to pay the extra price for what is after all an inferior keg product. As it’s a nice evening we sit outside which enables the dogs to join us. Typically L dumps them with us before nipping off to nab another beat box.

(Thursday 5th May)

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