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Saturday 14 May 2016

Miracle Required

Today Derby County play Hull City in the first leg of play-off semi-finals, this was so unexpected a few months ago that I booked a dog show which I have now decided to miss. Perhaps that was a mistake as Derby fail to turn up and Hull win 3-0, leaving them requiring a miracle in the away leg on Tuesday.

The game was an early 12:30 kick off (naturally), so in the afternoon I start my swim training for next month’s Leeds Triathlon. L and I go for a swim at Harvey Hadden on one of their rare as Hen’s Teeth 50m sessions. It is packed, which really makes you wonder why they don’t do more of them. I swim 30 lengths which is the 1500m Olympic race distance which we’ll be doing at Leeds.

We stay in at night with Eurovision, as we are both going to attempt to run 10k tomorrow against our respective physios’ advice.

(Saturday 14th May)

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