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Friday 27 May 2016

Water-Based Shenanigans

I continue with my hastily thrown together training plan for the Leeds Triathlon with another crack of dawn swim at Harvey Hadden. As I leave home at silly o’clock there are emergency services everywhere. There has been a fire in one of the bungalows near us and sadly a chap has died. We must check our own smoke alarms.

The pool was at least a bit quieter this week and I do 28 lengths, which is just 2 short of race distance.

My calf is soon rebelling after this morning’s water-based shenanigans but I go and have a pootle around in the gym anyway. My training plan may be hastily thrown together but what is thrown together stays together, so its an immovable one.

Meanwhile L is complaining of physiotherapist induced pain in her leg. What she needs is a foam roller...We can have fun later comparing dodgy bits and put to use any bits that are still working properly.

(Friday 27th May)

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