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Wednesday 18 May 2016

Team Management

It’s raining this morning so I take the bus and somehow managed to dodge the worst of it walking from the bus stops. It doesn’t sound like L was so fortunate.

My colleague and I go for a pub lunch but there’s nothing dark, at least that I fancy. The Flipside English Crown isn’t bad though.

We have an extra dogging session tonight as we’re doing a bit of extra team practice because we have two dogs wanting to run last of the four in our team, which clearly isn’t possible. This usually turns out to be the case in most of the teams and something has to give. In this case one of the dogs is going to have to be dropped because neither will run anywhere other than last. As one of the handlers has volunteered to stand aside it’s an easy decision, that is until it becomes clear that they didn’t actually mean it. Oh, the pleasures of team management. 

(Wednesday 18th May)

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