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Monday 30 May 2016

Kit Kats But Not As We Know It

It was Son's 25th birthday yesterday. Blimey, what an old git. So, as it's a Bank Holiday today, we go over to Leamington to the White Horse, for what must be (appropriately) the 25th time, for a late lunch.

They have yet another new menu and the lamb steak I have is possibly the best meal I've had there yet. It’s small though, so I munch through some of my late arriving birthday present on the way home. These are Japanese Green Tea flavoured Kit Kats, very odd but somehow very addictive.

I also get a a bottle of something Japanese which may, or may not, be beer but no one is sure. L is made to wait for her pressie, as it’s not been ordered yet...

(Monday 30th May)

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