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Sunday 8 May 2016

Like A Novice

It is L’s birthday today and she should have been treating herself to the second part of the White Rose Double Header with the Leeds Half Marathon but sadly she hasn’t made either of the White Rose races. I too duck out of Leeds, deciding it’s too far to go if I’m more than likely to abort it anyway.

Hopefully I’ll be fit for next week’s inaugural Nottingham 10k and I have a physio session on Wednesday to hopefully make sure I am.

I am beginning to think my stop-start training doesn’t help and my calf needs constant exercising, resting doesn’t seem to help it. It’s the resting then running that seems to upset it. Perhaps I need to run every day if only for a km.

L blames my thighs, she says they are so powerful that they probably cause some imbalance on your calves. So perhaps I need fattier thighs.

Instead of running, I do a velodrome session instead and surprisingly get in at short notice. It is hard going after a few months off and I ride like a novice but it’s an excellent work out.

L’s sister doesn’t seem to think the velodrome is a very romantic location for a night out on L's birthday but we do pop into the Exeter Arms afterwards where we grab a candlelit table and two pints of something dark to go on the list - Back Sack & Quack and Dark Drake both from Dancing Duck.

We have the traditional Sunday Indian afterwards and a Baileys night cap, which was a present from my parents. 

(Sunday 8th May)

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