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Tuesday 3 May 2016

Conclusive Proof?

L keeps getting messaged by my new masseur asking how I am. I tell her to tell him I crawled up the stairs at work, which is not far from the truth actually. The calf is sore but that is to be expected. I couldn’t have ran Leeds had it been today but I'll see how it is in next few days.

L pencils in a Saturday night out and a lie-in in the diary, just in case I don’t make it. She’s such an optimist.

The King of the Mountains results are in and David Millar (3:57) beat me (5:35) by a good minute and half up Harwood Dale (average gradient 7.4%). Not bad. They send fetching photos of us all alongside one of Big Dave. L is not terribly impressed with hers, at least not fashion wise but I point out her good road position, straight wheels and the fact that you can see everyone else walking behind her.

Son texts from Tokyo or so he says. Do we take this as conclusive proof he got on the plane this time?

I have a valid pass out tonight and I meet up the old school brigade (well two of them) in the Brunswick for, yay, something dark in Lister’s Limehouse Porter and then afterwards in the Babbington for Small World’s Thunderbridge Stout. L and the boys meet me off the bus afterwards.

(Tuesday 3rd May)

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