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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Bucket Of Baileys

Today is the Global Bike to Work Day Challenge and I’ve not cycled. Actually, I imagine a lot of folk haven’t cycled as it’s a wee bit wet out there. I punish myself by going for a hot 'n' sweaty workout in the velodrome gym instead.

Then when I’m back home I fit a new rear tyre to my bike to hopefully cure my persistent puncture problem. The tyre arrives in a tiny little box, having been folded over several times. How cute, who’d have thought you do that? Then you cut the tape holding it all together and it springs out quickly becoming a real life full size tyre.

After not looking too keen on the bottle of Baileys that arrived from my Mum for her birthday, L seems to be getting into it and we both have a shot tonight. If shot is the right word? Perhaps it should be slug of Baileys? Or perhaps bucket of Baileys?

(Tuesday 10th May)

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