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Tuesday 17 May 2016


Between us Doggo and I disturb L’s sleep so early this morning that she gets to the pool in time to manage an impressive 40 lengths. Which also gives me time to enjoy the excellent weather and an awesome bike to work. The second awesome of the day and it’s not 9am yet.

The gloss is probably taken slightly off L’s day when she attempts to tie-dye her yellow top with a pack of strawberries. Sounds colourful though.

I elect not to go through the stress (if it goes well) or alternatively the boredom (if it doesn’t) of the play off second leg up at Hull and take the boys training instead. I listen to the first half on the radio as I drive over and the required miracle almost arrives as Derby lead 2-0 at half time, just one behind on aggregate. Unfortunately a third goal is beyond them, which saves me a trip down to Wembley at least.

L visits her brother, who is now home from hospital, and then meets me in the pub later for something not dark although she’s on Guinness but I can’t really count that. She samples the Wadworth Swordfish 5% rum infused ale on my behalf, declares it tastes off and recommends it as one to avoid. She usually likes ‘off’, so I do as she suggests. It’s not dark anyway. I have Spring Equinox instead, also definitely not dark. 

(Tuesday 17th May)

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