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Thursday 12 May 2016

Bizarre Concept

On the bike today for the first time this week but I take my best bike. This is just to make sure I get there and because it’s a lovely day which results in a lovely ride. L says that’s a bizarre concept, which is exactly my response when she says she had a lovely long swim.

L’s physio says she needs a small football for her exercises which she has to squeeze between her ankles. MD has three, so I’m sure he can loan her one. It might cause a bit of a fracas though and it would need a good bleach and scrub prior to use. After her latest treatment, acupuncture, she says her ankle now feels wonderful and is now ready to be trashed again on Sunday, as is her prerogative.

I meet L at squash and we do a dog-baton change, presumably they’re all off beat boxing again. I get slaughtered a squash and then notch up another dark one as the Eclipse Stout is on this week at the Navigation.

Then we knock back a bottle of red between us at home.

(Thursday 12th May)

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