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Tuesday 24 May 2016

Mr Badger

I have received a rather generous £36 of free bus tickets in the post. This is an offer being run by Derby City Council and Sustrans. It’s all very odd, as Derby City Council are always pleading poverty and shutting things, yet here they are giving away money. Whereas I thought Sustrans main focus was encouraging cycling but here they are handing out bus tickets.

As it happens I probably won’t be on the bus at all this week as I’ll be cycling most days, so the £16 for the Arriva Derby buses which is only valid this week will go to waste but the £20 on a Trent Barton Mango card can be used any time and will most certainly get used. Again though it is the already converted, like me, who are mopping up these generous offers.

Cycling was a bit interesting today as three sets of traffic lights were out in Sandiacre and Stapleford, meaning the traffic was utter chaos but thankfully they are fixed by the time I cycle home.

Back home I set about building some badger barricades to stop Mr Badger digging holes in the lawn. I have enough problems with Mr Dog and his associate digging holes in the lawn without them having outside help. The back fence has now been repaired and I have put a big redundant fence post under the side gate in case he tries to squeeze under there. 

(Tuesday 24th May)

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