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Monday 11 July 2016

The Second Deposit Misnomer

The legs are not good this morning but what's worse is that they have my time down wrong as 49:12. Definitely not right. The clock was just ticking over from 48:59 to 49:00 when I crossed the line and I had hoped it would give me the former but certainly didn’t expect 12 bonus seconds.

The Bathroom shop ring and ask me to go round after work to pay them yet more money. This is the misnomer of a second deposit as we’ve already paid them one deposit and they also add another £500 to the total bill for no good reason. Well they have a reason but it’s to pay for something I thought we’d already paid for.

After a good hour arguing with them I give in but all this makes me late for dog training and just as I arrive it starts raining...

(Monday 11th July)

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