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Saturday 16 July 2016


Given the massive entry numbers involved in today’s dog show, and the fact I have been allocated start numbers towards the back of them, I don’t rush out of bed this morning. This means that when I do show up I haven’t walked any of the courses and have to wing it.

L meanwhile is cramming the Thunder Run training in and parkruns.

One set of winging goes well and we go clear, the other doesn’t and we are eliminated. Although to be fair to me, it is MD who misses his weave entry and not me.

He then skips his A Frame contact on his last run of the day which, given the fact we have team tomorrow, causes me to lift him back on to it causing another elimination. 

Also given the fact I have team tomorrow, and I am managing four of them, I propose we stay in. Might as well call it Friday. 

(Saturday 16th July)

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