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Saturday 2 July 2016

Consistently Inconsistent

We both get up at stupid o’clock (e.g. 6am) in the name of the great god Parkrun (naturally). Bizarrely approximately half the showground also appears to be up by then. Clearly they have differing views to me on how the early hours of the day should be best spent.

I then drive L into Milnthorpe from where she is getting the bus to worship, I mean Lancaster for the parkrun.

At the show MD continues to be consistently inconsistent and misses his contacts in his first two runs. Then he gets them all in our team run but unfortunately has a pole down. This is however the best run of the four in our team by some distance. Qualification for Crufts isn't looking likely to happen any time soon.

MD does at least save his clear for our last run of the day but we are just outside of the rosettes.

We head back to the Cross Keys tonight for a meal, which wasn’t bad although just standard pub grub, and more pale beer.

(Saturday 2nd July)

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