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Friday 22 July 2016

This Thing Is Actually Happening

Our Thunder Run team mates arrived at Catton Park promptly when gates opened at 8am this morning and have set up camp. I feel a touch guilty for not assisting but they seem happy enough doing everything and we are feeling part of it courtesy of the constant Facebook status updates.

I get a text from a number I don’t recognise saying ‘we is registered’ and read something on Facebook about Prosecco ice lollies. It appears this thing is actually happening.

L is a mass of butterflies. I feel her pain, all that food and socialising. It's good job there’s a race to take our minds off it. She says she’s bringing home the Magnums, which is another way of taking your mind of it. I assume she means ice cream and not champagne. 

(Friday 22nd July)

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