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Thursday 21 July 2016

Tippy Tappy

I'm on the bike today while L is at Pilates and bemoaning the ‘old codgers’ who were doing Yoga followed by Pilates before changing leisure centres and doing Aquarobics followed by Pump. She wants to be as fit a pensioner. Yes but are they all doing the Thunder Run this weekend? No? I thought not. They’re probably not that daft.

Back to the Fuddle preparations, the veggie pasta sauce is now ready and the meat sauce is on its way while volleyball is organised for tomorrow afternoon. Somehow, by actually focussing on the run bit, I feel we’re not quite getting in to the spirit of this. L has bought some wet wipes though, if that counts.

Later it’s tennis. Not my favourite sport but I do like to indulge my regular squash partner in his quest for some summer fresh air and a bit of tippy tappy over a net. The Tennis Centre is actually open, which is a rarity during the tennis season as it’s usually being used for competitions.

Afterwards we go to the Victoria where the Titanic Plum Porter is rather nice but I get the last pint in the barrel and everyone spends all evening looking at me disapprovingly while trying not to drool.

(Thursday 21st July)

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