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Saturday 9 July 2016

Slow Moving Affairs

I head down to the East of England Showground at Peterborough today for a dog show. L reneges on her promise to come, I can’t imagine why... it’s not as if dog shows are slow moving affairs which take all day. She says she want to run, do gym, double Pilates, clean up dog hairs etc. Have a life basically and not sit in a field all day waiting for it to stop raining.

It does actually eventually stop raining but only after we’ve done our first run during a rather unpleasant downpour. MD copes admirably and comes 4th.

The sun then comes out although it is practically setting again by the time we get to do our second run. See, I’ve no idea why L bailed on us. MD goes well again and we get another 4th place before getting eliminated in our last run.

Then we have another long wait as we wait for the judge to finish judging to get our second rosette. We sit and wait as he judges his final class which is a junior class that involves 12 height changes across two age categories. This is due to the off the wall new rules the Kennel Club brought in recently introducing three new heights. It takes ages and all for just 21 dogs. Finally we get our rosette just as the moon is coming up.

(Saturday 9th July) 

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