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Monday 25 July 2016

Healthy Washing

Our washing line looks particularly healthy and athletic this morning. Unfortunately the same probably can’t be said for the two of us. L says she’s tired and is nodding off but that’s completely normal for a Monday.

If I said my workmates were in awe of my weekend I would be lying. There are several words they used but ‘awe’ wasn’t one of them. I did offer to show them all my blisters but no one took me up on the offer.

Apparently we came 190th out of 239 teams. Ok, so there’s room for improvement but that’s not bad for a first effort from such a disparate band of unbr8ables. The winners did 36 laps and their slowest lap was not far off five minutes quicker than our fastest one. So quite a bit of catching up to do then.

Dog training tonight and then afterwards I head off on a rescue mission to pick L up from Derby where she’s been visiting her Dad on his birthday. She’s got her bus times wrong yet somehow though she’s managed to make it to the sanctuary of the Exeter Arms. So all is not lost.

(Monday 25th July)

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