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Thursday 7 July 2016

Payments In Kind

We both decide to make a return to ‘competitive’ running this week and I enter us both online for Sunday’s NotFast 10k in Newark. L offers to reimburse me in cash but considering the value of the post-Brexit pound at the moment I opt for payment in kind instead.

L is looking to buy a totally unbiased newspaper. Ah, not sure such a thing has ever existed. The Independent was the only paper that ever claimed to be unbiased but still seemed rather opinionated to me and that now only exists online. Can the ‘i’ be classed as unbiased? I suppose it’s so brief that they haven’t really got space to offer an opinion.

I’m in the car today in order to get back for a man to come give our bathroom project the once over. Naturally there’s much teeth sucking etc. It turns out that we can only shoehorn everything we want in if we get a smaller shower but other than that I think it’s a goer.

(Thursday 7th July)

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