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Monday 4 July 2016

Political Junkie

So first Cameron bailed, then BJ bailed, then Gove unintentionally bailed by stabbing everyone including himself in the back and now, Farage has bailed. Is nobody going to take any responsibly?

Farage said he ‘wanted his life back’ after trashing everyone else's but I suppose him going is at least one positive to come out of all this especially after his embarrassing ‘exit’ speech in the European Parliament last week. Perhaps that's why everyone really voted out, to get rid of Farage.

Perhaps if all this lot had gone two weeks ago we’d all now be in a much better place.

At least more people are getting ‘engaged’ now. I’m considering simply posting my Times password on the internet because so many people are asking to ‘borrow’ it. Daughter seems to be becoming quite a politics junkie.

L cancels her meal out at Le Bistrot Pierre tonight, this has nothing to do with Brexit and everything to with the fact her friend’s husband is ill and in hospital. Get well soon.

She still runs with her other friend while we dog train. Where we manage an hour before being rained off.

(Monday 4th July)

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