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Wednesday 20 July 2016

Marquee Signing

I’m in the car today because I am expecting delivery of a banner to go on the front of the marquee at next weekend’s dog show. It arrives as promised and everything appears to be spelt correctly so we are good to go. It should be nice and eye catching.

Talking of eye catching, someone has owned up to all those statements about the ‘Pies’ which are spray painted on various bridges. 'Vote Pies' and all that. They belong to a Liverpudlian band known as The Pies although I find it hard to believe that anybody who cared wouldn't have already known this given the obviousness of the link and checking the internet this has been a open secret for well over a decade. So either it’s a slow news day or it’s something to do with the fact their album ‘The Best of Pies’ is out now.

Talking of pies, Thunder Run weekend is rapidly approaching and our team mates seem to be assembling the biggest collection of snack food known to man in readiness. It is going to be one hell of a fuddle.

After work I head to the gym for a quickie. I probably should have been using tonight’s Notts 5 as a warm up for the weekend but I didn’t really want to risk my leg snapping pre-fuddle.

We decide it’s about time we studied the rules and regulations for the weekend, so we adjourn to the bedroom with my laptop. As it turns out there aren’t many rules at all and there’s no mention of where to changeover your dogs. This is important as Doggo would love to get in the way of all those hand overs. I’m sure he’ll manage it.

(Wednesday 20th July)

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