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Sunday 17 July 2016

Strawberries And Cream

Second day at the dog show and again ridiculously high start numbers meaning all three of our individual runs and our team run are likely to fall this afternoon, probably en bloc just after lunch.

L meanwhile heads off to meet Daughter on neutral ground in Sheffield.

I manage to ease our run congestion by blagging my way early into two of the individual runs. Again, like yesterday, one is clear and one is an elimination. Again like yesterday due to the massive entry we are unlikely to get a rosette for the clear round.

The team competition is a big success. Eight of our sixteen dogs go clear and only one is eliminated. Team one comes 5th, team two 9th and team three 12th. MD is in team two and is one of the three dogs who go clear in that team, sadly the fourth does not.

After all that excitement and after a sweltering day in the sun for both of us I think MD is simply exhausted by the time he does his final run of the day. He does all the difficult bits fine but then appears to flake out before the final three jumps and goes under one of them.

In the evening we head out for liquid refreshment but again we arrive at the wrong time for the i4 bus. So we abort the planned trip to Stapleford and cross the road to get a city bus to Caning Circus instead. We have a night in the Borlase with Lincoln Green Strawberries and Cream (a beer) but more importantly Quarterstaff, number 64.

(Sunday 17th July)

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