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Wednesday 13 July 2016

The Premonition Comes True

For saying its July it was incredibly nippy on the bike this morning and I don’t mean that I was fast, I mean cold.

L is in London for work where she is meeting, in her words, two cranky women or rather her boss is and her job is to protect him from them. 

They give us a start date for the bathroom - Monday 3rd October. No rush then, I hope the existing shower will last that long.

A pub lunch today and I finally add Brunswick Railway Porter to my list of dark ones. It's number 61.

Dog training tonight but it’s a Bass free one as L is too late back from London to head over to Mickleover to meet me.

As Theresa May reveals her new cabinet Daughter texts to say she is impressed as my premonition comes true and she names BJ as Foreign Secretary. Yay, let him shovel up his own mess. 

(Wednesday 13th July)

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