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Monday, 21 February 2011

Immortal Words

I get a great message from L, who is leafing through YouTube looking up her new favourite Feeder track which is ‘Insomnia’. Hardly new I know, well, I guess it was 12 years ago.

OMG he was so young and Taka Daal (I’ll have words later) was blonde and slim.

We were all young in 1999, even me, though never blonde.

We have a 10k on Sunday in Huddersfield, only they don’t seem to want us. Either that or yet another item of post has gone missing because we haven’t received our numbers yet. I imagine they’re at the house on the next street with the same house number as ours. We currently have three letters of theirs to pass on, so I imagine they must have a similar quantity of ours.

Might be a good thing really, I’ve been reading horror stories about the course. Last year lots of people uttered those immortal words ‘never again’. This one is actually described as ‘undulating (Yorkshire style)’. So I guess if Barnsley was classed as ‘fairly flat’ then ‘undulating’ translates as ‘bloody hilly’.

Later I pick L up from a night out in Derby and take her home to see my exciting new purchase. We have a new kettle and it lights up, it's so exciting. It’s the small things in life that make a difference.

(Monday 21st February)

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