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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Soon Be Christmas

Blimey 1st February. Another month gone. How times flies. It’ll soon be Christmas won’t it.

I walk the boys again and again have no problems with MD. I do though have an issue with number one dog, who ponces off across the road to see another dog, then stands in the middle of the road with his nose in the air. He thinks he’s so superior that dog. Getting run over would wipe the smile off his face, as well as off mine. Thankfully it was only a very quiet side road.

L’s had some new dog tags made for MD. She’s redesigned them and put my mobile number on them rather than our home phone number. Note she didn’t consider putting her own number on.

I’m back on my coaching course tonight, ‘Disability Awareness’ this week, which was supposed to be before Christmas but got cancelled. I guess it’s going to useful these days now that over 27% of the UK population regard themselves as disabled but don’t get me started on that one. Anyhow I’m sure it’ll be interesting and I’m skipping the match for it, which is kind of a blessed relief.

Over the entire January Transfer Window we have sold two decent players and bought one as yet unproven one. A squad that was already light on numbers is now down by another one. Damn good business, not.

Oh no. ‘Disability Awareness’ has been cancelled, again. They’ve rescheduled it for the 15th. Which luckily I can make. What’s worse is that now I’ve got no excuse not to go to the match.

It’s the return of the much maligned Paul Jewell, who is now in charge at Ipswich. He resigned from Derby in December 2008 after a not very impressive spell in charge. He did however get us to the League Cup Semis, which is the most exciting thing to happen in recent years, and the players we are now up in arms about him offloading are mostly ones he signed.

There are a few isolated protests against the directors, cries of ‘sack the board’ and ‘stand up if you hate the yanks’ but it’s mainly resigned acceptance to another defeat, after taking the lead as well.

The highlight is undoubtedly when a spectator runs onto the pitch in just his boxer shorts and socks. Not a pretty sight but amusing.

(Tuesday 1st February)

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