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Wednesday 16 February 2011

Not Off The Hook

I finally get chance to get the bike out today. A pleasant ride in during which I managed to stay awake despite a disrupted night. L questions whether I fell off on the ice? Can’t say I even noticed any. A touch of frost that’s all. The pavements did look worse.

Which is where L and the boys collided with a cyclist, who was avoiding the 'icy' roads. Hmmm. Any old excuse. MD was too busy to give him a damn good telling off because someone with a suitcase on wheels was also trying to dodge the cyclist and obviously he went for the suitcase. Poor MD, what a decision to have to make. Cyclist or Suitcase?

L delightedly tells me that ‘Gnomeo and Juliet’ is out.

Obviously the likes of ‘The King’s Speech’, ‘Black Swan’, ‘The Social Network’ etc needn’t bother writing their acceptance speeches for the Oscars because Gnomeo’s coming to sweep the board. What do mean they’re too late to get nominated? Shameful.

L might even be at the cinema with Daughter tonight to see it... hopefully. That’ll get me off the hook.

Seems I should have been out in the pub tonight with a couple of old school friends, because I get a text saying they are in our usual watering hole waiting for me... and I’m on the squash court. There’s obviously been a breakdown in communications somewhere. I wasn’t aware I could have been in the pub instead.

L’s had a bad gym session and is off home to unpick her knitting... yes, I have a girl who knits, though thankfully not in the cinema like Daughter.

It must have been a really bad gym session. Probably almost as bad as my squash session. If I’d got knitting to unpick, I’d be unpicking it right now.

Damn, if she’s unpicking knitting it would appear that they’re not doing the cinema tonight after all and that means I’m no longer off the hook as far as Gnomeo is concerned.

(Wednesday 16th February)

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