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Tuesday 15 February 2011

A Lesson In Common Sense

On the radio this morning is a chap who L and I have both raced in triathlons. He is spreading the tale of how he took up triathlon, got fit and lost weight. A quick google tells me radio it’s the only place he’s put himself about, he’s been in several newspapers, even national ones like the Daily Mail. Now apparently he’s a qualified triathlon coach. Well if he can do it, so can I. Not triathlon though... all that swimming. Ugh.

So hopefully my city council coaching course will be on tonight. This is the third time they’ve tried to schedule ‘Disability Awareness’.

This week’s shopping challenge - Cider Vinegar. Doubt it’ll be with the cider, although you never know. It should be, perhaps, with the vinegar but I’m taking nothing for granted, it could be somewhere else entirely...

‘Disability Awareness’, which I figure is something I need to know about, is on. Although, they ring round because they’re struggling for numbers. I was only their third positive response...

In the end there are seven of us and there we get up to all sort of high jinks. Being blind, mute, deaf, being wheelchair bound etc. They condense down a five hour course into three hours for us. It's a good job they did, it is really just a course in common sense and we don’t really learn much new. Apparently council employees have to sit through this every two years. Blimey.

(Tuesday 15th February)

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