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Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Something jumps into my eye in the shower this morning. No idea what but I’m blinded for the first part of the day. Surprisingly the solution to the problem was to put my contact lens in and let that drive the intruder out.

Somebody offers the advice that the best way to clear debris from your eye is to blow your nose. Oddly enough, I didn’t think to try that.

L’s doing a race tonight, I’m not, I’m saving myself for Friday’s Jägermeister 10k. Well, she was supposed to be doing a race tonight but now she asks if she can 'do a Paula’, as in Radcliffe.

I’m not sure what she means... Win? Drop out half-way through? Hopefully she’s not planning to relive herself in the gutter?

L reckons she won't do as well as last year, so says she might as well drop out now and tell everyone that she’s pulled a muscle or something. That’s quite bitchy actually. I tell her that only applies to those that won it last year and to get on with it. Hard but fair.

The race is called the 'Mickleover 10k' by some or the 'Jack Piggs 10k' by others or just 'plain and rather dull with the last 5k down a totally straight stretch of old railway with no distinguishing features' by me. It starts at the Mickleover Sports Club and, at least with me not running, I can take the boys.

We have a stick session while the race is on. Well we try to have a stick session, I throw each of them a stick and they both lie down and start to eat their sticks. Well, I guess it was hot.

L’s not happy with her run. Her time’s not bad but not as good as last year's. Two years ago she’d have been thrilled with that. We stop off at L’s folks for a cuppa on the way home, which saves us some units, which might be needed later in the week. What with the Jägermeister coming up.

(Wednesday 3rd August)

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