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Monday, 8 August 2011

Looking For A Postbox

L has no email at work today, so it’s a quiet day and I have to do some work to pass the time.

I’m on the bus, resting my legs after yesterday but they’re not bad actually. The OAPs' massage clearly worked wonders. I regret not taking my running stuff and doing a run home.

Instead I’m in Derby looking for a postbox. You know, one of these.

If you see one, let me know.

What is it with the Royal Mail these days? First they make it clear they would rather not deliver any mail to you but if you absolutely insist they do, then they’d like to do it not very often and at their convenience, not yours. Now they seem to be removing all the postboxes.

My company is on a new business park and there are no postboxes. If you're cynical you could say this is to persuade businesses to pay for collection but they seem to have a policy of never adding new ones anywhere, not even on new housing estates.

So I walk into Derby to use my usual one on the Morledge, only to get there and find it is now just a stump in the ground. Is this vandalism or has it been removed? I walk a bit further to find the one on Albert Street sealed up. So I end up walking all the way to Derby’s main post office where there is one, at the moment.

Tonight L runs over in rural Derbyshire, whilst I, in the absence of a structured dog training class, have a DIY session with MD in the garden. First though I take both dogs on the park. I find that if I do the training first, then Doggo is too knackered to go on the park even though he isn’t the one being trained. Odd that. Whereas an hour on the park doesn’t seem to blunt MD’s eagerness to train at all. I wish could say the same of my own training schedule.

(Monday 8th August)

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