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Saturday 13 August 2011

Live And Learn

It’s another good day at the office for the ever improving MD. Two fourth places at a show in Newport, Shropshire. One is at his level and one is at ‘open’ level where he’s beaten by three dogs that are all at least three grades above him.

We would also have won another jumping course had I not made an ambitious decision to turn left off jump number 15 rather than right, like everyone else was doing. An ambitious but wrong decision as it turned out. I my defence, I maintain that turning left was the much shorter and therefore quicker route, had MD not felled the pole and then missed the entrance to the following tunnel of course. We live and learn. Well, I live and learn. Today he has every right to be mad at me.

As does Doggo, I stuff both of his courses up. Here’s me considering retiring him, when perhaps he should be retiring me.

Football wise, Derby win again, despite again being rather poor but a win is a win as they say. That's two out of two in the league, although I've still not go over the League Cup debacle. As for the league though, just another 44 points and we're staying up.

A night in on the pasta tonight. Newark Half Marathon tomorrow.

(Saturday 13th August)

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