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Friday 12 August 2011


First excursion of the week on the bike, damn all this running, but it's a good one. Particularly on the way home, 26kph average is above average for a ride home but then it was a Friday and Friday's always do seem to motivate that bit more.

I get stopped and surveyed when I go for a sandwich at lunch. They want to know if I’d use a Tesco Express if they built one on Pride Park? No! Of course not. Absolutely not. Never. I would consider moving jobs! We’ve got a Sainsbury’s already, why would we want a Tesco as well? They simply will not stop until they’ve achieved world domination will they.

Check out Tescopoly.

L requests that I talk her out of the Portsmouth Marathon tonight by whatever means is necessary. Which sounds like a pleasant evening’s entertainment is in store but how to approach this? Not sure if this is a case of L having to convince me to talk her out of it? Or having to convince me to let her do it? Anyhow, it’s simply not do-able. I don’t have the holiday left for a trip down there and I can’t see L going on her own, but perhaps I’ll keep that fact to myself for a bit. See what develops.

Daughter is out tonight but not until 9:00. Oh hang on, I’ve got that wrong. They’re meeting up to pre-drink at 9:00, so won’t be going out until much later. Is it just me or have teenagers totally lost the plot? Son does this as well. They certainly know how to waste the best part of an evening. With all the pre-drinking and then post-drinking that goes on I'm not sure they ever actually get to the bars. The same bars that a few months ago they were all desperate to be 18 to get in to.

L and I head out early; we intend to do our pre-drinking in the pub.

(Friday 12th August)

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