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Monday 15 August 2011

Hot Spots

I managed the stairs at work this morning, which is always a good start the day after a half marathon. I even managed to get back down them to make a coffee later on in the morning.

Son continues his tour of the hot spots of England, following on from a week in Stoke on Trent he’s down in Maidstone this week. It’ll be interesting to hear his take on the area, if we can prise it out of him.

I decide to do something that I haven’t done for a while this evening. Swim. If I can remember how. I head for John Carroll Leisure Centre with the aim of popping into the gym and checking out the talent at the same. Just to see if L’s in there, obviously.

Unfortunately John Carroll turns me away. Another swimming pool in Nottingham is shut and they have had to take on the swimming classes from there, so no public swimming. There always seems to be something when I try and swim. I divert to Portland, which is still a great place to swim but now looks rather tatty alongside the new pools. They ought to spruce it up. All it needs is a damn good clean and a bit of a paint job. I like the fact it’s got a longer 30m pool, changing cubicles down the side and a big shower area you don’t have to queue for. Unfortunately the trend is to knock down and rebuild in the same style as everywhere else. Hopefully that won’t happen.

After all that, I’m running an hour later than I'd planned. So although the dogs get on the park, I have to ditch MD’s training session. I suppose he deserves another day off after Saturday’s successes but I don’t want him to get complacent, so I must train him tomorrow.

(Monday 15th August)

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