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Tuesday 16 August 2011

How To Stop Myself Fainting

I sit at work waiting for the rain to start, so that I can go for my run. I reckon those black clouds are going to be overhead at precisely 5pm. They are but it’s still not raining as I head out on my run. Then in fact, it brightens up and I run 16km, without stopping or walking, in the sun. Much better than last week. That’s 10 miles by the way, in 83 minutes. Which isn’t great but ok for a training run. I pop into my usual shop for a nice bottle of ‘For Goodness Shakes’ only to be told they no longer do it. Damn. My ‘how to stop myself fainting’ drink of choice. I have a Kazoo? Yazoo? Whatever, instead. Probably just as good.

L runs too but only 10k. Ha. Though we have different goals at the moment.

A session of dog training in the garden is spoilt by Doggo heading another ball over into next door’s jungle, probably never to be seen again and then wandering around looking lost without it and getting in the way of MD’s training.


Hmmm. Now I’m sure there used to a similar word around when I was a teenager to describe something you didn’t much like but these days it means the opposite. Apparently. I was told its slang to indicate a good looking guy or girl... so it’s a bit odd to hear Daughter using it almost exclusively to describe food. Consulting the internet, this outbreak of ‘peng’ to describe anything good, was allegedly conceived in Nottingham. So we’re famous for something.

As I say she only really uses it to describe food and food that I would usually avoid because of the sheer unhealthiness of it, so perhaps it's old meaning does still hold true... Tonight though, she uses it to describe my curried lamb meatballs, which were cooked very healthily, so I guess I should take that as a compliment.

(Tuesday 16th August)

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