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Thursday 4 August 2011

Good Deed For The Day

L’s got the day off today. Sorry, I mean she’s working from home. As I leave for work there doesn’t appear there’s much chance of her or the dogs getting up any time soon. Once up of course, it’ll be the park followed by breakfast for them and then with those two important tasks out of the way, they can go back to bed for the rest of the day.

I do my good deed for the day in Greggs, where I buy a sandwich. I pay with a tenner and the lad serving me gives me a tenner back in the change. Now that’s what you call value. I didn’t realise until I got outside the shop but then being me, I went back in and got him to exchange it for a fiver instead. He looked very relieved. I know they would most probably have taken it out of his wages. This all makes me feel very smug, gives me a bit of a warm glow inside and of course makes me five pounds poorer.

Warm glows are needed on such a grotty, miserable, rainy day like today. This is all because I have tickets for a cricket match tonight. A day-night match between Derbyshire and Worcestershire that work managed to acquire four free tickets for at our Christmas bash last year. ‘Premier seating’ no less. Not that this is all it’s cracked up to be. Yes it’s a good view and we get a table to eat our food at, which isn’t included by the way, but I can’t help thinking £27.50 is a tad expensive when you consider standard seats were available for a mere £6. Good job we didn’t pay then!

The game starts at 4.40om, which is bad timing as this is approximately when Daughter will be doing her paper round and it nearly always chucks it down with rain then. I resist the temptation to text her to tell her to hurry up because it will surely stop again once she’s finished.

Amidst a break in the rain we leave work and head for the cricket ground. We arrive a little late and miss the first two overs but see the next three before they go off for a rain break. Reduced to 36 overs a side we do at least see the rest of the game without any more interruptions.

Worcestershire rack up 197, which isn’t bad but eminently gettable unless you’re Derbyshire, who aren’t a great side. They start well enough, fade then collapse. The messages I’m getting from L by text rapidly get more interesting than the cricket. She makes me an interesting offer in exchange for a Will Young download. What's the world coming to? Then again, given the choice of battling with Amazon’s downloader, itunes or getting someone else to do it - what would you choose?

Derbyshire lose well inside their allotted 36 overs and this leaves me a bit of a wait for the bus. Time for a quick half I think but unfortunately one pub has Karaoke blasting out, the only other one within reach has ran out of beer. Even the late opening Spa shop is closed, so I can't grab a coffee either. At least the bus is on time and I head home to continue negotiations for Will Young.

(Thursday 4th August)

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