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Friday, 26 August 2011

Timed To Perfection

It’s a bit wet out there. Real Reading/Leeds Festival weather and I’m planning a run home.

L though, off work again, does her run in the morning, in the worst of it and recovers in a hot bath. Which she times to perfection because an hour later the gasman arrives round, gives our nearly new boiler its annual service and condemns it.

Apparently there’s a crack in it and he makes L sign a waiver in case any of us are gassed over the weekend... then he vows to be back as soon as feasibly possible to fix it, which will be Tuesday of course because of the bank holiday. Thankfully we’re all away this weekend, L and I up in Morecambe, Son is up to something in Stoke (again) and Daughter... ah, she’ll be in. Just no hot baths for her and she won’t be able to wash any pots. Not that I can see that being much of a issue. She also won’t be able to dry her clothes over the radiators... Now I can see some benefits.

The plan tonight was for me to run all the way to Beeston, which is full half marathon distance and for L to walk up from the other direction with the dogs, so we can then crash in the Victoria.

At lunchtime it’s not looking good weather wise. I’ve not even managed to get out for a sandwich, such is the deluge. Eventually it fines up, I get lunch, do my run and the Victoria even lays on a 5%er.

(Friday 26th August)

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