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Wednesday 17 August 2011

I Never Win Anything

I manage to get the old legs, still tried after 10 miles last night, to turn the pedals on my bike today. It’s not too painful once you get going.

L has won the runner ups prize in the competition we entered at Splendour. She’s won a free day pass for the Tennis Centre. Which can be used on any activity at the Tennis Centre except the tennis. Err. Work that one out. So you get a day’s free use of the gym, the sauna and any exercise class you want. Which are all the things we already get for free with our leisure centre ‘Flexible Fitness’ pass. So dead useful to us then. She declines the prize.

Oh well. Well done anyway Dear. I never win anything.

I bike home, take the boys on the park and then get ready to take my pupil out on another ‘tempo’ training run. Tonight we again run sub 5:30 kms in fact sub 5:20 ones. Looking good. After messing around with the GPS on my phone to measure our pace last time, this time L hands me her Garmin watch. Which is much better. Might have to get my own or nick this one when she isn't looking.

Derby win their opening three fixtures of the season for the first time since 1948. Blimey. Even I don't remember that. Tonight they win 1-0 at Blackpool. Can we keep it going? Probably not. Half of our first choice starting eleven are currently injured, so rest assured, once they come back we'll start losing. The main thing is, 41 more points and we're staying up.

Then L tells me I missed a phone call whilst I was on the park with the dogs. She hands me a piece of paper with a girl’s name on it and a phone number. Odd. She tells me that apparently I've won a prize...

(Wednesday 17th August)

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