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Monday, 31 October 2011

Just A Normal Night

Nottingham is named as one of the greenest cities...

Hmmm. Extremely unlikely.

It's Halloween today and as I head off to dog training there is an almighty traffic jam in the middle of Wollaton. The cause... two witches in little black numbers with pointy black hats lingering outside the local pub. Totally disrupting the traffic, with everyone slowing down to admire their hemlines.

Meanwhile L meets a couple of vampires on Ilkeston Road. Just a normal night in Wollaton then.

Luckily both the boys are at dog training tonight, what with trick or treaters and fireworks, Doggo would probably have dug the walls down. Hopefully in the middle of nowhere where dog training is, it should be quiet. It is but when we get back to Beirut, I mean Nottingham, we have to quickly rush him back into the house.

(Monday 31st October)

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