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Friday, 20 July 2012

A Fine Psychological Balance

I’m heading down to help setup our dog show today but don’t intend going before 10am, so I get chance to take the dogs on the park first, where it throws it down again. A day setting up equipment in a field is not going to be much fun, in the wet.

Having managed to prevent MD upsetting the fine psychological balance of the local deer population and the local deer population from upsetting his equally unbalanced psyche, I drive over to Catton Park in pouring rain, which gradually eases and then stops. When I get there they all say ‘rain? What rain?’.

It is true there’s no sign of there having been any rain here today. Must be another pocket of good weather, like the Hebrides.

Typically, having taken a day off work to help out, there’s not much to do. I setup the equipment in one ring, put up a tent and park a few caravans before heading home for our usual sleazy Friday night in... Top Of The Pops, cycling highlights, cooking tea for Son.

(Friday 20th July)

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