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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Leaning Tower Of Literature

Well here we are again... back at work.

MD is quickly back in the swing of things and notifying the neighbourhood of his return, loudly.

Son is home and has been complaining all week of us having nothing in to eat. Despite the fact I did a full shop before we left for Scotland... As I survey the cupboards this morning before a trip to Sainsbury’s I realise that despite the rumours to the contrary, we still look very well stocked to me. What he means is we don’t have anything that students eat. Nothing he can pop under the grill and then between two slices of bread.

L leaves herself open to some Christian Grey style punishment by lurching into Waterstones almost before her bag is unpacked and purchases another four books to add to the leaning tower of literature in our bedroom. I suspect two of these may be sequels. I hope she has to explain herself tonight at book club.

There was a possibility of tennis tonight but a combination of my opponent’s bad back and the waterlogged courts put paid to that. Instead I treat the boys to session on the wet soggy park with the antler mob watching over us.

(Tuesday 10th July)

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