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Wednesday 18 July 2012

A Not Short Enough Leash

I cycle into work in not great weather. It’s misting very heavily at one point but I don’t think it ever actually officially became rain.

On a whim I’ve even put my swimming kit in my bag; I need to do a July session... for the cash back although I may defer it to next week.

I defer it to next week. I think the boys deserve a park session in the rain. Hopefully Doggo will come out of his corner, where he's hiding from the weather and probably digging a hole out of the wall to hide inside, long enough to join MD and I.

He does but probably wishes he hadn’t when it starts thundering heavily. A few minutes later all three of us watch the rainstorm moving across the park towards us, then leg it. We leg it to a nearby tree where we join several other folk attempting to shelter from the deluge, unsuccessfully. So three very wet boys troop home.

L is apparently on her way to the gym, slowly, as she’s flexing her plastic in town on the way. Plastic which she has stolen from the top drawer of my bedroom cabinet. I like to keep it on a short leash but she’s helped herself.

She asks me to quantify ‘short’ as she buys new shoes and a leather belt. Sounds like she’s already at the end of it.

(Wednesday 18th July)

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