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Thursday 19 July 2012

Lucky Escapes

I was supposed to be cycling today but I was delayed and ended up taking the car instead. It was perhaps a lucky escape as it soon began raining heavily again. Meaning it’s not looking good for tennis tonight.

Then having checked the Tennis Centre’s online booking system, I see there are no courts available anyway because there’s a tournament on. Then again, there was a tournament on the other week and they still let us play once the tournament games were over for the day.

So I rang them up and find that the phone number now directs to a call centre. Thankfully not in Bangalore, only Woodthorpe. The woman there asks me to hang in while she pulls up the same online screen that I’m currently looking at... so no help there then, and there is no longer a phone number to call the centre direct. All three of the phone numbers I have for the Tennis Centre now redirect.

I drop in on my way home, where the woman on the desk pulls up... the same online screen. I ask her to look out of the window where the majority of the courts sit idle but she won’t, ‘the system says...’

It’s now raining again. Perhaps another lucky escape.

So, feeling guilty after a no exercise day, I go in the gym and do 15k on the bike, followed by a paltry 3k run as a cool down. L is in a fitness class, pumping, so when she comes out and scrapes me off the treadmill we go for a pint at the Victoria and participate in their chilli con carne tasting contest.

(Thursday 19th July)

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