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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Something Is Wrong Here

L is actually using her bike to get to and from work this week and is still not getting a puncture. Actually she’s never had a puncture but it doesn’t stop her worrying about it.

I take the bus with the intention of fitting in a run on the way home. Although it has to be said it’s a bit hot to run. I never usually take a drink with me but tonight I wish I’d considered one.

As I run along the footpath between Borrowash and Risley, a woman comes up behind me on a bike. It’s a very narrow footpath and I think I’m in her way. There is, of course, a rather wide and not particularly busy road, which I now end up running on to let her pass... something is wrong here.

I run, stagger and walk a bit (to cool off) for eight miles before getting the bus the rest of the way. Job done. It keeps the legs going for the next race which isn’t until the end of August. That is unless something takes my fancy in the meantime.

(Tuesday 24th July)

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