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Saturday 28 July 2012

That's A Difficult One

The second day of the dog show and I'm excused car parking duties today.

L requests something healthy for breakfast... That's a difficult one. The food isn’t great on site and she likes to share the occasional boiled egg and oatcake with the boys at breakfast. Ah. Will a bacon and egg sarnie do?

MD isn't quite as on his game as yesterday. We’re clear in the team event but others aren’t. In the individuals, he gets an elimination, a five faults and a clear. The clear in the Agility nets us 6th place. So can’t complain. All this with a hangover. Mine not MD's. I knew I’d regret the Festival Ale. Can we do better tomorrow?

Doggo is back on form, clear in the Veterans.

We tone it down with the takeout tub and play is safer with the 4.5% Damson Porter.

We also revisit the White Swan for another curry. Jalfrezi this time.

With being in a different field this year we are closer to the 24 hour Thunder Run that is going on across the other side of the road. As we sip our Porter we can see them making their way around the course in the dark, head torches glowing. Quite fancy that, only problem is I don't know enough people mad enough to make up a team with me.

(Saturday 28th July)

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