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Wednesday 11 July 2012

The Rest Of My Life

I run home from work. Well I do 8k and 4k separated by a bus ride. It should have been 6k and 4k but that’s buses for you. I’d rather run the extra 2k than stand around waiting. The run wasn’t as bad as expected but still pretty grim. I think I need a new audiobook to help me through it.

L has offered to précis the second 50 Shades book for me, which she has a rather old fashioned paper version of or I could read it myself as I assume she’ll have it finished by the end of the weekend or I could get the audio or I could do something more productive with the rest of my life.

Daughter accuses me of randomly ignoring her. Bit rich. As a teenager she does it to me all the time. It’s not me, its o2, who decide to disconnect most of their customers.

I head off to dog training unable to let L know how my run went but I assume her phone is dead too. Only it isn’t.

(Wednesday 11th July)

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