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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Stopping The Traffic

L forgets her mobile, so perhaps today is the day she gets that puncture or it could be my turn. In honour of the first day of the Olympics I put on my Team GB kit and cycle to work and it’s good cycling weather with no wind.

Well I’m excited.

As I think is anybody who got off their bum to see the torch relay, which has convinced a lot of the waverers that something was happening and happening over here.

So today, two days before it starts, it starts. Quite how and why they have again mis-scheduled the opening ceremony to start after the start I’m not sure.

Great Britain's women football team kick off the Games against New Zealand and win in Cardiff... I’m also not sure of the merits of playing in places like Cardiff, which are so far away from London, but many will disagree with me.

L proposes the pub tonight rather than anything fitness related. I suggest we do both. So she frogmarches herself to the gym while I frog-cycle myself to the pool. It’s busy in the pool and end up only one lane above the bikini zone. In which a girl doing backstroke in the regulation uniform for those lanes literally stops the traffic. Enabling me to get in some unhindered lengths while everyone else rubbernecks. Clearly they can’t multitask.

L and I meet up later in the ‘pub formerly know as the Willougby’. We eat and have a drink there before we transfer to the Wheelhouse for the more serious Abbot Ale.

(Wednesday 25th July)

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