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Saturday 21 July 2012

Grass Sniffing

A typical day with MD at the dog show I help set up, sort of, but isn’t ours, that’s next weekend. For starters, not a very good team run - 15 faults but the rest of the team racked up about the same. Then an excellent first individual run but one pole down... then a terrible jumping course - another 15 faults but the judge was generous.

Then in the afternoon, two good runs but in one we missed a contact and in the other we missed a jump. Oh well. One day.

Doggo does his usual perfect clear in Veterans, perhaps I should make MD watch the old hand at work. What I would have given to have a dog like Doggo but with MD’s speed and enthusiasm. Although it must take some high level of skill to go from, grass sniffing to clear round and back to grass sniffing seamlessly as Doggo can.

I hadn’t volunteered to help out at all today but somehow a lead got placed in my hand first thing and that was the end of that. Which meant I ended up having two lunches, the one I had brought with me and the free one that is supplied to helpers.

Back home later, L and I head into town and desperately try and stay away from the Old Peculiar in the Peacock. We eat in Broadway and then have a few super strong ones in Brewdog before we succumb to the OP. The Brewdog place has some sort of odd attraction that I can't quite put my finger on and it’s good to see they’re not serving the beer as cold as they were. Now if they could just stop serving it under pressure we’d be sorted.

(Saturday 21st July)

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